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Along The Liffey: Poems and Short Stories

- Sheila O'Hagan

Sheila O'Hagan began writing in 1984 while studying at Birkbeck College, London University. In 1988 she won the Goldsmith Award for Poetry, and in 1990 returned to her native Dublin. In 1991 she won the Patrick Kavanagh A...

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American Dervish

- Steven Reese

Since early in their history, Americans have been seen as restless, rootless, given to wandering; that trait forms the central thematic thread in American Dervish.  In poems that range from the historical to the person...

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American Paprika

- Peter Gloviczki

These poems reach across the human experience in search of the concrete and the sublime. Taken together, these poems seek to explore an experience that is uniquely American and yet resonates with individuals around the world. The title of the collect...

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An Ink Like Early Twilight

- Andrea Potos

The poems in this collection comprise a sort of pilgrimage, luminous with ancient light and heath mist, animated by the spirits of Keats and Constable, Caravaggio and Bernini. Whether in the glory of a Roman Piazza, or in those small moments with her daughter or ailing father, Potos seeks wit...

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An Unfinished Sufficiency

- Ruth O'Callaghan

Dispatches from the front, weather reports from inner and outer weather, it is winter creeping forward into memory with the “boneless words of a child” where a man turns “his mouth adrift in his face” and where the wrist of a woman collecting money is curved “as if the weight of future coinag...

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Anatomy of a Love Affair (My Life in the Movies)

- Mélanie Francès

The poems of Anatomy of a Love Affair (My Life in the Movies) explore the constant interaction between everyday life and art and the imaginary space it provides all of us. In the first section which gives its title to the co...

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Ancestor Worship

- Michael S. Begnal

"Unusual routes become strategies. Mike Begnal is Irish-American, he writes in English and Irish, he can invent a hybridisation of style. Ancestor Worship is an extension of this, it can take on a new romancing and deciphering: 't...

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- Lorna Shaughnessy

Full and various, Anchored establishes Lorna Shaughnessy’s range and power.  From meditation on the landscape of the West of Ireland to the exploration of memories, personal or communal, treasured or pathological, to myths of sacrifice and betrayal, the ...

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