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Activities of Daily Living

- Larry O. Dean

“Activities of daily living” are routine occupations that people do every day without needing assistance. Larry O. Dean’s latest book examines those quotidian enterprises—reading and writing email, watching TV, going out to eat, working a job, parking the car, grocery shopping, online purchas...

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Allow The Stars To Catch Me When I Rise

- Adam Hughes

Allow the Stars to Catch Me When I Rise, the third collection of poetry from Adam Hughes, takes the reader on a mystical journey; a pilgrimage. Found in these pages is life in all of its variety and seduction. Thi...

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American Paprika

- Peter Gloviczki

These poems reach across the human experience in search of the concrete and the sublime. Taken together, these poems seek to explore an experience that is uniquely American and yet resonates with individuals around the world. The title of the collect...

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- Lorna Shaughnessy

Full and various, Anchored establishes Lorna Shaughnessy’s range and power.  From meditation on the landscape of the West of Ireland to the exploration of memories, personal or communal, treasured or pathological, to myths of sacrifice and betrayal, the ...

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- Patrick Moran

In Bearings, Patrick Moran’s third collection, the poet takes stock of himself and his position in the world. As he says in the opening poem, “Faring,” he is still ‘chugging along,’ measuring his passage ‘through the rear-view mirror.’ Looking back to h...

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Bone Fire

- Susan Millar DuMars

The bones are the bones of the poet – integral to the landscape of her body. The bones are the spines of trees, the bone white of the moon. They belong to the hawk, the blackbird, the lion and the deer.  They are, too, the bones of the dead and discarded, the martyred and maimed and the ...

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Butterflies of a Bad Summer

- Karl Parkinson

Karl Parkinson’s poems tease music from the rhythms of everyday life, and sing, like Whitman, the song of self. But in Butterflies of a Bad Summer, self admits a multitude: we orbit the supernovas of doomed artists like Corso, Selby Jnr., Bukowski, and Arenas, and sample with them the exquisi...

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Celebrating Rita Ann Higgins' 60th Birthday - Signed, Limited Edition Print

- Rita Ann Higgins

This limited edition print - there are only 60 and each is signed by Rita Ann Higgins - was produced by Salmon Poetry to mark Rita Ann's sixtieth birthday on 26th May, 2015. It features the poem “Men With Tired Hair” which was first published in Rita...

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