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For Crying Out Loud

- Edward Denniston

A revered voice of the South East for many years, Edward Denniston sings forth anew with visionary power and profound honesty. Here in For Crying Out Loud he gives us the youthful taking off of clothes, a sheltering fr...

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After The Fall

- Brian Kirk

Brian Kirk’s poetry exhibits mastery of craft and respect for both poetic form and experiment. In his ‘broken song / from restless birds’, he displays the contemplative gifts of the natural philosopher. Here we have an Everyman exploring the joys of love and ...

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Vacant Possession

- Anne Fitzgerald

‘Is there a poet writing in Ireland who feels so profoundly and knows more surely love's obsessions, its piercing chronicles, its succour and sorrows than Anne Fitzgerald? The poems in Vacant Possession char the page, leaving their imprint, imperishable, uniq...

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Equal Night

- Graham Fulton

Death is the great taboo. We don’t like to talk about it or think about it. We try to hide from the brutal fact that someday we’re going to come to an end. Time will become redundant and space meaningless. Everything suddenly stops. Equal Night is a sequence of poems that chooses to face...

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- Arno Kramer

“This imagination creates a mystery you can’t paraphrase.  Poems put things, or create things, in a place where they, and we, have never quite been before. A concise, mysterious language alters things. The result is a wonderful fidelity to the way things...

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The Yellow House

- William Wall

An extended meditation on loss, displacement, disillusion, grief and love, so close in theme and style that the book can almost be read as a single poem. 
In the devastating title poem, we are told that ‘someone ble...

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Migrant Shores – Irish, Moroccan & Galician Poetry

- Manuela Palacios, editor

With calligraphies by Hachemi Mokrane

Migrant Shores, in threading together Moroccan,...

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Santiago Sketches

- David McLoghlin

Santiago Sketches is a book of short, imagistic poems entirely set in Santiago de Compostela, where the small and the local are revealed to be universal, mirroring the process whereby this small city near Finis Terrae became central to human patrimony a...

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