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Merman by Jean O'Brien

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Watching for the Comet

O'Brien, Jean

"...for the path of comets is the path of poets:
they burn without warning..." 
Marina Tsvetaeva

Towards the west a small celestial trail
spirals the sky and nets me, Jubilant
stars in its wake so pinprick bright
I could trace them with my fingertips,
their old, cold light clusters like a chorus
chanting for the dead, all my kith and kin,
known and unknown tailing their light for me
to read in the night sky.
My head heavy like a newborn
as I stargaze. I see venus, earthís sister
and I see the lemon moonís
pale slice. Then I feel earthís grip
slip from me, I am unhitched, no longer bound,
I lose my bearing in a sea of fiery stars.
Floating in the firmament I have become
an adumbrated body of falling light.

Copyright © Jean O'Brien 2012

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