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The Stern Wave by Noel King

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The Knock on the Door

King, Noel

…is dead in water…
the gardaí say.

My daughter who 
from her mother’s death waters
came into my life:
changing her nappies,
dressing her the first five years,
school-running, films, birthday parties, horse-treking,
Enid Blytons packed with my Grishams for holidays, 
keeping up with keeping up with The Spice Girls, Steps 
and Westlife, buying her her first legal Bacardi Breezer
to celebrate the Leaving Cert. results; 
                     waving after the college train,
meeting that homing train 
for weekends to drive her here and there, 
anywhere, weekend after weekend,
until this boyfriend I’ve never met, 
this boyfriend with the boat,
this weekend. 

Copyright © Noel King 2013

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