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Boogeyman Dawn by Raina J. León

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The Rising

León, Raina J.

The rising

He tells the other soldiers
before they go about their killing
that his woman at that moment
bakes bread to scent the house,
that for nearly one year she has baked
a different loaf and wrapped it tight
in cellophane so that he can see 
her heart beating.  The mail, too slow,
she points the computer’s camera 
at the perfect loaf, says smell, and he does
through the screen.  A viscous melody flows
down the nose into the open throat,
and he sings a moan of the familiar.
Every week, a different loaf – raison,
banana nut, vanilla and peach – that he smells
first before the children devour 
the bread that their love sets.    
He tells the other soldiers 
that when he goes home the curtains will exhale
the breath of bread, pears, cinnamon.
He tells them he wants to be like bread, 
kneaded by her fingers, filled with sweetness,
baked within her oven body, then he carries
the gun and fills his eye light with darkened glass
and dust.  That very afternoon a woman will wait
for her man.  The house will smell of bread,
spice and sweat, and then suddenly copper.  

Copyright © Raina J. León 2013

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