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Salmon Poetry

Life Now

Daniel Thomas Moran

It is not so different, really.
There are oaks and wildflowers,
and stones in our garden.
In the house where we sleep,
there is a case of books,
and they are our books.

The sunlight is most 
beautiful in the early morning 
just before the world gets busy.
There is work to be done
during each of our days, as well.
Work which makes us feel 
tired and contented.

There is also water. 
Not empty and still,
but thin and silken over 
and amidst the big rocks.
All the long day and night
It makes a sound like wind.
It travels while our travels
have ended, Here.

There is a stately heron, who
comes to fish in the noon.
Yesterday I saw the hummingbird,
only minutes after I had reached 
to hang his red feeder.

I was pleased at his arrival. 
I spent a small time wondering, 
how he knew where to find us, 
just as he had done in
all those green summers, 
far away.

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