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Salmon Poetry

Victoria Plum

Nicki Griffin

I. She

I didn’t know this plum would be the taste
of going back to school, of my first kiss,
any more than I knew you would leave
when chimney smoke curled into autumn
and spider webs glistened across burdened fields, 
your one-way footprints betrayed by morning dew,
crushing the long-grass lawn you forgot to mow 
before the deluge.

I know you will try to entice me back
to your city, the place we fell into love
in a bed of strewn sheets, untethered.
Where I cannot breath for buildings.
Where my feet can only slam onto pavements 
and I try to find love in groundsel growing
between the cracks.

I dig out the plum tree, 
vicious shovel stabs through tangled roots.
Its taste turned bitter.

II. He
There was a maggot in the plum.
The ground was full of worms.
Trees menaced the window of our bedroom.
No-sound filled my head with noise.

Copyright © Nicki Griffin 2013

Poem from Unbelonging


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