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Dreaming My Animal Selves / Le Songe de mes Âmes Animales by HÉLÈNE CARDONA (Bilingual Collection in French and English)

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Notes From Last Night

Cardona, Hélène

to John, in memory of his father

One can distinguish Van Gogh from Chagall,
that state of in-betweenness
where even objects seem alive, 
to do with light and looking pure. 
Because of all this light, I'm partially blind.
It doesn't matter whose ghost you see
as long as you see one. 
Two darknesses together across the shape 
of face, warmth comes forward, cool retreats.
I just experience.
Talk about faith I don't believe,
experience is cellular. 
In our normal state we're not able to perceive,
that's why I think the dead know.
I had never seen before the beauty 
of it, everything has to do with light.
Every ghost proof of the afterlife,
any ghost.

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