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Straddle by David Cavanagh

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Cavanagh, David

Ladies and gents, a case is to be made.
We call to your attention. Let the evidence show.
We hereby call to the stand. We call Herr Auto.
We call King Coal. We call Madame Vélo.
We call Dr. Frack. We call Old Sol. 
We all do solemnly swear to sell the truth.

Herr Autoís on a roll today. Heís burning
rubber all over. King Coal is in the dumps.
He smokes. His clouds hang low.  Mme. Vélo
spins her wheels. She says itís very simple. 
Dr. Frack assures and assures. He knows 
the drill. Old Sol quietly collects himself.

Members of the jury, you have your instructions.
The facts are clear. They speak for themselves.
Ignore the clamor in the lobby. Take a deep breath 
if you still can. Donít mind the heat. The choice 
is yours. We await your verdict. Finally
the sentence, as you know, will be handed down.

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