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sombra : (dis)locate by Raina J. León

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All that time, waiting to bloom

León, Raina J.

Bathed in orange water, 
she blossoms from her mouth,

alstroemeria, orange rose, 
bupleurum, orchid, lily.

They unfold slowly, 
the buds open one 

after another
in the silent music 

of wonder. Her 
palms became rocky. 

Even they have broken 
to glory in orange bloom. 

Mother is garden, 
life in stillness. 

Kiss her lips,
light as the bee 

searching for nectar. 
Burst, woman. 

Alright, the songs die, 
but the color music

plays on. Play on. 
She flowers her eyes.

I can’t remember 
the shade if it’s not light.

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