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The Constellation of Extinct Stars by Scot Siegel

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June 3

Siegel, Scot

Full Lunar Eclipse, 1928

Windy left without a wink. His truck snaked north
along the stage route, left pumice stains, red plumes
on the bruised horizon. Hell-bent for a girl in Bend 
whose father owns a mill, June says…

I scrub the griddle with Borax and gravel, so hard
my knuckles bleed. Beyond this hovel, dust devils 
drill the onion flats, and the last of the geese
lift off from what’s left of Summer Lake.

Crazy-cracks riddle the playa. A drought they say. 
All the women, but the sharecroppers’ daughters, 
and a few teachers who’ve found better jobs, 
will be wives by July. What am I going to do? 

June leans forward, touches my wrist, says, 
Follow your heart.

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