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In a Changing Light by Phil Lynch

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Obscuring the Dark

Lynch, Phil

The sun makes light
of the sea 
then sets to the west
with a fiery breath
taking one more
days light from me.

My heart holds its beat
in the sleep of the night
bringing comfort and calm
to my mind
until dawn sends the moon
off to rest for the day
and I wake to the tune
of your lips on my face.

The spark from each kiss
keeps the embers aglow
as the sun starts to dance 
on the sea
each touch and embrace
fan the flames as we go
headlong deep
down into the spray.

The waves wash away
our tracks in the sand
but we make a new path
on a different shore
though we bathe in the tide
of a day that will pass
our love is the light
that obscures the dark.

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