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how do i net thee by Shira Dentz

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the heart is a long, slender tube in the abdomen

Dentz, Shira

I see this woman

most are larger and stronger than males and occasionally eat males. Can live anywhere they can find food; fields, woods, swamps, caves, deserts. One kind spends most of its life underwater.

has used her hands to dig

spinnerets, which spin the silk, work like fingers of a hand

a mouth inside herself

lungs are in cavities
in their abdomens;
each consists of 15 or more thin, flat folds of tissue 
arranged like pages of a book

like the hollow of a guitar,

Many are so small their color 
can only be seen with a 

wherever it goes, spins silk thread behind itself, a dragline

        some smaller than a 
head of a pin,   others larger
than a fist

or drum.

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