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how do i net thee by Shira Dentz

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Leaf Weather

Dentz, Shira

Sitting here opening chestnuts 
one comes out like a coin

Night is only sky change 
blue lakewater drifting

among women who are like men,
kind gentle hippos who congregate at wet spots

“Do you have any children?”
the feeling of not having any.

Headed to the shortest day 
i sit down, say, the white light

why not?

what’s the     big teenage girls     scoop?
 comparing their shapes 
 to Coca-Cola bottles

“Is fall the most beautiful?”

Sweat under breasts 
makes a ring, eyelid

what do you do?

A lamp like a little animal

sit there,

     I want a specific kind of cookie,
          the kind that becomes almost nothing when you bite into it.

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