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The Rain on Cruise's Street by Edward O'Dwyer

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The Rain on Cruise’s Street

O'Dwyer, Edward

Right now
I’m envying the rain on Cruise’s Street.

And it occurs to me
I’m probably the only one,

but I am in no hurry
as shoppers
rush between Claire’s and Boots
as it heavies and thickens

and the clouds overhead
groan machinelike.

And yet my envy
I could pinpoint down
to a single
and isolated drop.

This one,
I could scapegoat for the rest

as they come down,
lashing the faded red-brick
in torrents,
turning it a muddy brown.

That full and luscious drop.
That one right there,
see it?

The one trickling
down her neck
like a lover’s liquid tongue.

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