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Fish Singing Foxes by JP Dancing Bear

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Gacela of a Wedding Day

Dancing Bear, J.P.

She floats like a ghost to the altar, full of whiteness.
She ghosts her way past the pews, and rises to the altar.

The bride surprises me into a skin of black cloth.
I wanted to be a feathered dancer, not this stark black cloth.

This will always be the way love enters a room—with a hush.
She becomes the focus of light. The silence such light brings.

The minister is a distraction—his thin tie, his square book, 
almost frail reading the words, his worn finger running over the book.

A flock of promises rises in my chest. I am lifted to her hand.
I am a pair of wings resting within her hands.

O this day’s light that does not fade like others before it.
O this light that threads into the body, which lifts me to her hand.

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