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Fox Trousers by Eithne Hand

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The End of St. Barbara

Hand, Eithne

Her father understood the three windows 
in her new bath house proved her conversion.

Patron saint of mathematics pray for us.

He oversaw her torture but the fire snuffed out,
by morning all her wounds had healed.

Patron saint of extreme events pray for us.

He beheaded her himself and she swore before dying
that to call her name in distress would bring relief.

Patron saint of the Italian Navy pray for us.

Heading home in a thunderstorm, 
her father was consumed by flame.

Patron saint of lightning pray for us.

In 1969 she was cut from the Litany;
her story judged to be entirely fabulous.

Patron saint of fireworks grant us peace.

Copyright 2020 © Eithne Hand

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