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Thousands Flee California Wildflowers by Scot Siegel

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Heaven of the Moment

Siegel, Scot

After John Morrison's "Heaven of the Moment"

She scared herself on her horse today,
loping over the mole-pocked paddock
at the Lone Star Ranch. First day 
of dry weather in months. The sky,
through the sycamore branches, was 
a stern vole. A black lab frolicked 
on the hill. The air bristled with velocity
Cars pulled over just to watch her
She was that beautiful moving across 
the deep green field on a chestnut horse
Though she knew from his breathing, 
something wasn't right. The lab was really
a wolf on the hill. The tourists had become
Iron figurines cast against the witch's wood
His gait was a drumbeat, a human femur 
on an elk skin bodhran. She grabbed a hand-
ful of mane and closed her eyes. Mother 
looking on... The horse huffing glue, 
lunging for an imaginary heaven

Copyright © Scot Siegel 2012

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