Dear Leo

Halperin, Richard W.

Dear Leo, you havenít written in a while, 
but honestly, I wasnít expecting you to.  
I hope you are well. Sometimes I hope you donít 
remember me, because there was pain attached to that.
I think pain may well outlive love, so best to forget
the whole package. What do I hope for you, Leo? 
I hope you are the same kind of happy you were
when you were playing cribbage, when you were playing
golf, when you were listening to Brahms. I hope you donít
have to get up in the morning to go to someplace 
you donít want to go to. I hope you donít feel like
my father any more, Leo, or anyoneís. 
The wise leave no writing behind, and then it is
up to us to read what they have not written.

from Shy White Tiger, forthcoming 2013. Copyright Richard W. Halperin.

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