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Thanks For Nothing, Hippies by Sarah Clancy

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Riot Act

Clancy, Sarah

You turned the last drip of evening sinister, unattractive 
you turned it quicksilver and left it pulsing like a blister 
on a mercurial city of murdered graffiti-boys scrawls 
and wealth deflected, like the light you refracted 
ten minutes before when you matter of fact-ed, all bets off
promises retracted, took our history, ransacked it, 
took the future and attacked it over margaritas neither 
could pay for or swallow, you left me space cadetted 
lump in the throated as I walked it out past the town park 
with dogs on the street barking it, past shops night break
had gap toothed, censored redacted, you left me with 
my fucking heart looted and then said I over reacted.

Copyright © Sarah Clancy 2012

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