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Salmon Poetry

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Peadar O'Donoghue

Mountains to mist, Beckett to boxer to blonde-
platinum of course, looking me straight in the eye, 
over the slope of her shoulder.
She says nothing, and a million things.            
not one can I catch as, like the accusations, I fly.
I'm back on the midnight bus as it pulls out and pulls in 
passengers from the random roundabouts of my youth,  
girlfriends dressed to kill and dying from the cold.
Yards and years away are barges passing,  
coal powered, just like the square panes of light from the
Arndale block that lure people like moths.
The bigger picture hints of a hunt, of war, of winter,
brothers in arms, their quarry sought their silence confident,
reflective, pleased with themselves and whatever they have done.
I remember their faces peering in from the streets to the dreamy cafés 
'Stay a while', they seem to say, 'Drink your coffee,
compile this list for lesser days.'

Copyright © Peadar O'Donoghue 2012

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