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Don't Go There by Colm Keegan

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The Crackle

Keegan, Colm

There's a party full of 'Fat-Frogs'

and coke all over the table.

There's a man out by the Liffey

getting out while he's able.

There's a fight starting somewhere

a fellah getting stabbed.

There's a car doing hand-brakers

two girls jumping a cab.

There's twitchy bouncer hacks

keeping an eye on the door.

That poor lad in the jacks stuck

cleaning puke off the floor.

The country's getting locked.

There's nobody to care.

There's a slut going down

and there's danger in the air.

There's men drowned in money

girls who'll never bend.

There's a beggar whispering 'honey'

But that's nothing down his end.

There's the gentle sound of heartbeats.

There's alleys full of death.

There's a man after your brother.

There's a lightness to your breath.

All these people hanging around

everybody acting cool

and the night-times fucking freezing

but don't let that fool you.

There's a crackle to this city

There's steam of dreams that rises

and it gets behind your eyeballs

and it kind of compromises

the concrete

the shell

all the bits that sing 'to hell with it.'

There's another bit

a hoping bit

that screams out

Make a difference.

The city's


It shines on us.

We're sparkling!

And love it man

'cause further out

there's nothing

only darkness.

Copyright © Colm Keegan 2012

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