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A Taste for Hemlock

- Michele Vassal

'A Taste for Hemlock' is a mystical journey of transmutation birthed in the crucible of cultural dychotomy. Grounded in myths and storytelling, Michèle Vassal's vision is uncompromising, incisive, and laden with a rich painterly sensuality. In this book, she unrav...

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A Thousand Wings

- Kelly Moffett

Kelly Moffett believes the spirit lies in things–in landscape, air, water. Listen to this, from “Devotion”: “You have become both a wall and a parachute./ Just as lichen can be lichen but also holy food.” In her collection, A Thousand Wings, she leads us thro...

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A Tour of Your Country

- Eamonn Wall

In his most wide-ranging work to date, Eamonn Wall probes and meditates on the histories, habitations, landscapes and ecologies of ancestral and newly-encountered places. A Tour of Your Count...

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- Adam Wyeth

Keep looking at the outside world until the outside world is no longer outside

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Activities of Daily Living

- Larry O. Dean

“Activities of daily living” are routine occupations that people do every day without needing assistance. Larry O. Dean’s latest book examines those quotidian enterprises—reading and writing email, watching TV, going out to eat, working a job, parking the car, grocery shopping, online purchas...

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- Patrick Hicks

Thousands of childless couples in North America are increasingly turning to international adoption in order to become parents. While there are many wonderful things about transracial international adoption, it is—at its heart—a breaking away. To adopt a child from...

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After Love

- Dani Gill

Every person is like a piece of gold. If you were a gold ring, a gold watch, a gold chain, you could say "I am a ring, a watch, a chain", but these are temporary shapes. In truth, you are just gold – that is your essence, no matter how the shape changes.


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After The Fall

- Brian Kirk

Brian Kirk’s poetry exhibits mastery of craft and respect for both poetic form and experiment. In his ‘broken song / from restless birds’, he displays the contemplative gifts of the natural philosopher. Here we have an Everyman exploring the joys of love and ...

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