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And There Is Many A Good Thing

- Jon Tribble

And There Is Many a Good Thing explores that idea in its title by opening the reader to a world as varied as the talents of Monty Python and Sarah Vaughan, Peter Gabriel and St. John of the Cross, and Hans Christian Anderson...

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- Richard W. Halperin

Anniversary is a sequence of love poems presented through a fracture of space and time:  a husband still here and writing, a wife no longer here but present.  Other poems punctuate this:  parents, myths, the v...

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Any Other Branch

- Ivy Page

The poems in Any Other Branch are grouped into four sections; representing developmental stages of life. The stages are grand leaps, rather than small steps or divisions of time. They are emotional groupings based on the way each poem ties into the nex...

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Archives of the Air

- John Morgan

As caribou encounter the oil pipeline on Alaska’s North Slope and cranes navigate their way through the towering mountains of the Alaska Range, Archives of the Air brings the reader into contact with the strange and fascinating world of the far north. A day-long canoe trip on an Alaskan river, and p...

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Are you ready?

- John Corless

"The Ireland of 2009 has almost as many 'serious' poets as it does blocks of unsold apartments. What I love about John Corless's poetry is that instead of pretending to sit po-faced on the summit of Mount Parnassus, it goes...

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As Much As

- Allan Peterson

Continuing and expanding on themes in his earlier books: the complexity and inexhaustible nature of the world and imagination's unique access to it, these poems do not let us forget the privilege and magic of living in these bodies. Drawing intimately from nature,...

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Asbestos Brocade

- A.E. Stringer

Asbestos Brocade furthers this poet’s fascination with nature and the elements: how human action has frayed our bond with the world.  Countering that grave loss are the forces of wonder to be found in art and song, in family, in empathy, in mortali...

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At Grattan Road

- Gerard Hanberry

In this, his third collection, Gerard Hanberry goes for rawness and honesty, exploring a deeper well of feeling - while there is humour and celebration he does not shirk the darker shades of regret, fear, anger and loss. While som...

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