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The Salmon's Tale

- Poem by Jessie Lendennie. Design by Siobhan Hutson

A Silver Salmon
Disrupts the April river
Smiles into the rain

The Salmon’s Tale merges the poet Jessie Lendennie’s narrative poem alongside a visual jo...

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The Blues: A Photographic Tribute

- Ray Jeanotte

Featuring 40 stunning black and white photographs (and the photographer's own personal anecdotes) of blues artists BB King, Clarence ‘Gatemouth’ Brown, Luther Allison, Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy, Melvin Taylor, Robert Lockwood, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Queen Ida, Charlie Baty, Precious Bryant, William C...

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Forms of Feeling: Poetry in Our Lives. Essays & Interviews

- John Morgan

Poetry gives form to our feelings and helps us come to terms with them.  Facing a personal crisis, a poem can be the beginning of healing.  But if poems are good in a crisis, they are...

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Hurting God - Part Essay Part Rhyme

- Rita Ann Higgins

God, púcas, jiving factory girls, a crocodile-wielding father, long-lost lives and equally long-lost multinationals all form part of the brilliant world of Rita Ann Higgins's collection of essays and poems, Hurting God - Part E...

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Help Me to a Getaway - A Memoir

- Knute Skinner

In 1958, Knute Skinner, a Ph.D. candidate at Iowa University, made an impulsive decision to leave for the Canary Islands and spend the rest of his life there writing poetry.  His travels took him to Ireland, Denmark, En...

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In the Chair: Interviews with Poets from the North of Ireland

- John Brown, editor

This fascinating book comprises in-depth interviews with 22 of Northern Ireland's poets: Seamus Heaney, James Simmons, Paul Muldoon, Seamus Deane, Michael Longley, Derek Mahon, Tom Paulin, Frank Ormsby, Medbh McGuckian, Ciaran Carson, Robert Greacen, Cathal O Sear...

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The Doctor's House: An Autobiography

- James Liddy

The Doctor's House is an unconventional autobiography of one of Ireland's most engaging and independent poets. In the first section, James Liddy describes his early life in Co. Wexford. His father was a Dispensary doctor, an...

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Catching the Light: Views & Interviews

- Gerald Dawe

Gerald Dawe is an explorer, like Darwin and Humboldt, sailing way beyond the boundaries of his own Belfast identity in order to chart the minutiae and the ordinary design...

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