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Sex and Death at Merlin Park Hospital

- Kevin Higgins

In Sex and Death at Merlin Park Hospital Kevin Higgins uses the blackest humour to throw some occasionally bizarre but mercilessly honest light on the vexed, and often absurd, subject of his chronic illness. In this, his fi...

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Zeppelin Vending Machine Manifesto

- John Murphy

John Murphy's third collection of poems is like very little else on the 21st century poetry landscape. Zeppelin Vending Machine Manifesto is a rewardingly complex book that confronts the hyper-technicity of the early 21st c...

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The Hollow Woman on the Island

- Nessa O'Mahony

Nessa O’Mahony’s fifth volume of poetry explores many of her signature themes developed over a 20-year period. She writes with renewed urgency about life and love, continues her preoccupation with history (the hidden and overt), questions cultural identity and demonstrates her keen affinity with nat...

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May Day 1974

- Rachael Hegarty

Rachael Hegarty’s May Day 1974 is an act of remembrance and reclamation. It not only commemorates each innocent victim of those bombings but restores a sense of their unique individuality; a deeper understanding of the lives they were leading and the stolen l...

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This Is What Happened

- Adam Wyeth

- I think sex is out of the question for this woman.

- I’m not sure if sex is ever out of the question...

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at the last minute

- estha weiner

Sometimes, the deepest things are enclosed in smallest packages; Lobster Rolls, a leg cast, a quotation from a beloved, but departed poet; the trick of poetry and the challenge to the poet is to turn the ordinary and ma...

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Here Comes the Nightdust

- Marc Vincenz

In his newest poetry collection, Here Comes the Nightdust, multi-linguist poet, fiction writer, translator, editor and artist Marc Vincenz brings us far beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Part travelogue, part love ...

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The Poet of Poet Laval

- Carolyn L. Tipton

Carolyn Tipton’s third book, The Poet of Poet Laval, begins by celebrating openings, moments that give an abundant sense of possibility.  The poems sometimes return here, but also move through other themes—by way not o...

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