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- Elvis Alves

In Blackfish, Elvis Alves locates beauty in the horrid and strange that constitute familial and social history. In this way, the poems grasp after the meaning of life in an attempt to ensure survival in the midst of all that it offers. Some of the poem...

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If You Tolerate This

- Frank Golden

Frank Golden’s IF YOU TOLERATE THIS is a wide ranging work in six parts which nails its geo-political colours to the mast, and casts a misanthropic eye over the whole morass. The book opens in the company of Nick and his girlfriend Inga as they travel up the Tapajós River to the failed capita...

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Four Books for Forty Euro - Special Offer for March 2022 - Price includes free worldwide shipping

- Mary Dorcey - Louise C Callaghan - Jean O'Brien - Sue Hubbard

This book bundle includes the following new collections of poetry:

Life Holds Its Breath by Mary Dorc...

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Moonlight: A Full Moon

- Louise C. Callaghan

Here is this marvellous poet of elegies and celebrations, seasons and servants, of boarding school and trundling foreign journeys. Louise C. Callaghan has a keen eye for detail and a poet’s gifted ear.  "Moonlight: A Full Moon" is ...

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Stars Burn Regardless

- Jean O'Brien

In Stars Burn Regardless,  Jean O’Brien writes as a seer, with a vision that travels beneath and through the worlds she inhabits. With stunning language and original voice, she travels the edges of things: the earth/sea/sky—the bones/bodies/ash. Th...

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Life Holds Its Breath

- Mary Dorcey

‘Her poetry commands an unsparing and musical perspective on love between women but also on the question of authority; on woman’s identity within a society and how it ...

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Swimming to Albania

- Sue Hubbard

“Reading Sue Hubbard’s Swimming to Albania, the reader enters a world of acute absence and remoteness haunted by the ever-present unresponsive dead, into which the details of everyday reality explode like hand grenades. Whether recalling lost relationships, travelling in foreign cities, obser...

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- Adam Wyeth

Keep looking at the outside world until the outside world is no longer outside

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