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The Road, Slowly

- Liz Quirke

“This is a tremendous first collection. Liz Quirke has an assured and distinctive voice, balancing intelligence and feeling in a series of moving and deep reflections on motherhood. Lyrical and universal, these poems mirror the difficult beauty of human relat...

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Songs from the Blue River

- Paul Kingsnorth

The poems in Songs from the Blue River seek to give voice to the land and its inhabitants, both human and non-human. Mountains, rivers, lakes, glaciers, starlings, earthworms, oak trees: all have their say, as do the humans who live with and through the...

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Chalk Dust

- Noel Monahan

This new collection, by award winning poet Noel Monahan searches for identity and belonging, in the shifting shadows of modern Ireland. The section on sonnets seeks a spiritual uplift out of the darkness and poems written in Irish, with Englis...

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Out of the Ordinary

- Moya Roddy

“These poems – as one might expect from the title – play with the idea of what is ordinary and what, quite definitely, is not. A gentle humour occasionally underpins the tender moments when we discover vast prairies of feeling bound within the cargo of everyd...

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The Braille of the Sea

- Gordon Walmsley

Those familiar with the spiritual poetry of Gordon Walmsley know that he writes like an angel. This does not mean sweetness and light. Rather, this means a voice, or voices, which use words as DNA fragments: alive; runic; beautiful; unprotected; on a quest – paral...

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To Keep Him Hidden

- Ryan Vine

Reading To Keep Him Hidden is like watching a man tear himself free from a thick wrap of tangled vines. Working-class machismo plus alcohol plus Catholicism have woven a spirit-killing trap that our protagonist has to escape, by way of courage and imagination. The poems convey the stress of o...

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The Stone in the Air – A Suite of Forty Poems from the German of Paul Celan

- Daniel Tobin

The great Holocaust poet Paul Celan, whose mother and father died in an internment camp, and who himself was imprisoned in a work camp, has written some of the most memorable and mournful poems about death and loss. In these lucid and lyrical translations of ...

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How It Is: Selected Poems

- Neil Shepard

Although Neil Shepard has long been associated with the stony foundations of Vermont, both by his luminous invocations of the natural world and his Frost-worthy, densely woven lyricism, he has emerged over the course of his writing life as an intrepid...

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