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The Gun My Sister Killed Herself With

- Daniel Lawless

Daniel Lawless knows—as one of his poem titles has it— “The Memory of My Memory Is My Memory.” Like everything else in this wrenching, dazzling volume, remembering is mediated by wit and skepticism. These are poems of great beauty and authentic pain, as well ...

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The Wounded for the Water

- Matt W. Miller

“Matt W. Miller’s The Wounded for the Water is a horrific, undulating, beautiful, sublime lesson on the art of drowning, the wonder of living, and the scars that act as memory.  You will have no choice but to dive into this meditation, and you will have ...

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Sculling On The Lethe

- Paul Genega

One of the great rewards of Paul Genega’s work (and for his readers there are many rewards to reap) is the poet’s immense and sophisticated apprehension of history. In his latest collection, Genega seizes much literary reference, encyclopedic fragment, inform...

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- Tyler Farrell

Stichomythia n. /stɪkəʊˈmɪθɪə/ Etymology: modern Latin Greek στιχομῡθία, στίχος STICHOS n. + μῦθος speech,...

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- Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow

We don’t merely read these poems by Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow, we harken to voices—insistent voices that speak directly to the heart, drawing us beyond ourselves into the company of all sentient beings. Then, like the drummer in the final poem who, by plungi...

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how do i net thee

- Shira Dentz

how do I net thee is a diagram of a voice drawn through lyric, visual, and prose poems threading schisms— within a family, within a society brutalized by racial tensions, and within the space crossed in the transition from fertility to its loss.

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Birnam Wood / El Bosque de Birnam – A poetic anthology

- José Manuel Cardona (Translated from the Spanish by Hélène Cardona)

Praise for Birnam Wood

These are poems of solid classical diction, keenly aware of the rich traditions that ...

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- Colm Keegan

Randomer, is a poetic tour de force.  The reality of life stripped back to its bare fundamentals.  Despite charting a life lived through austerity and the predations of political elites and bankers, Colm Keegan’s optimism –...

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