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The Salmon's Tale

- Poem by Jessie Lendennie. Design by Siobhan Hutson

A Silver Salmon
Disrupts the April river
Smiles into the rain

The Salmon’s Tale merges the poet Jessie Lendennie’s narrative poem alongside a visual jo...

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- Geraldine O'Kane

Geraldine O’Kane’s anticipated first collection is an impactful introduction to a voice that is compassionate, vivid and courageous. The poems weave between spaces, timelines and identities bearing witness, most often personal, to the encroachment of violence...

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the men i keep under my bed

- Alvy Carragher

“it’s not very feminist to consider myself a mouldy slut
I’ve agency over my body and all that 21st-century shite”

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Twenty-Six Letters of a New Alphabet

- Anne Tannam

These compelling, beautiful poems reveal a poet who has long found an original footing in the society in which she lives, finding in it a source of inspiration. Anne Tannam is energetically aware of the global sphere of injustice and beauty, of unfair destini...

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How We Arrive In Winter

- Liz Quirke

‘…the brain stores memories like glass shards in a palm,’ so says the speaker in ‘The First Forgetting’ from Liz Quirke’s stunning and poignant, How We Arrive In Winter. Quirke’s second collection is as sharp, intense ...

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Light Rolling Slowly Backwards - New & Selected Poems

- Ethna McKiernan

“The poems here have an exact and hard-earned lyricism ... a difficult music which comes from experience rather than from any rhythmic holiday from it.”
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the light we cannot see

- Anne Casey

"Anne Casey’s The Light We Cannot See aches with loveliness even as it warns against humanity’s pervasive damage to the environment.  Poem after elegant, ecocritical poem showcases Casey’s grasp of the environmental crises we have created in the A...

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- Sofiul Azam

In Persecution, Sofiul Azam’s remarkable fourth collection, the poet employs intellectual gravity and emotional immediacy to address persecution as a major theme. Blurring the lines between the private and the public, Azam explores the tyranny of the unfeeling majority and the dictating minor...

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