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Unportioned: New & Selected Short Poems

- Ruth O'Callaghan

Ruth O’Callaghan’s work is wide-ranging in subject and versatile in form. I particularly enjoy her meditative and humane poems on human relationships.
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Four Seasons

- Paul Balfe

“Paul Balfe’s poems are distinguished by a forensically intelligent eye for the telling detail which cuts to the heart of seemingly inconsequential encounters or childhood memories. All are rendered fresh in poems that need no recourse to verbal pyrotechnics ...

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An Upside Down World

- Knute Skinner

“In the early 1990s, in his volume The Bears And Other Poems, Knute Skinner embarked on an extraordinary poetic project – the elaboration of short poetic fictions. In the intervening years he has become a master of thi...

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- Clare McCotter

Revenant is Clare McCotter’s second book of poems. Written within arm’s reach of a cemetery wall, the collection inhabits a hinterland where bones, real and metaphorical, slip their graves. In these physical and metaphysical landscapes there is no quest for cl...

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out of emptied cups

- Anne Casey

out of emptied cups explores what it means to be human—a consciousness contained within a shell that dictates so much of what our experience of life will be.

Including internati...

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Sex and Death at Merlin Park Hospital

- Kevin Higgins

In Sex and Death at Merlin Park Hospital Kevin Higgins uses the blackest humour to throw some occasionally bizarre but mercilessly honest light on the vexed, and often absurd, subject of his chronic illness. In this, his fi...

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Zeppelin Vending Machine Manifesto

- John Murphy

John Murphy's third collection of poems is like very little else on the 21st century poetry landscape. Zeppelin Vending Machine Manifesto is a rewardingly complex book that confronts the hyper-technicity of the early 21st c...

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The Hollow Woman on the Island

- Nessa O'Mahony

Nessa O’Mahony’s fifth volume of poetry explores many of her signature themes developed over a 20-year period. She writes with renewed urgency about life and love, continues her preoccupation with history (the hidden and overt), questions cultural identity and demonstrates her keen affinity with nat...

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