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Birnam Wood / El Bosque de Birnam – A poetic anthology

- José Manuel Cardona (Translated from the Spanish by Hélène Cardona)

Praise for Birnam Wood

These are poems of solid classical diction, keenly aware of the rich traditions that ...

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- Colm Keegan

Randomer, is a poetic tour de force.  The reality of life stripped back to its bare fundamentals.  Despite charting a life lived through austerity and the predations of political elites and bankers, Colm Keegan’s optimism –...

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Ultima Ora

- Thomas Kabdebo

Dr. Thomas Kabdebo was the 2017 poet laureate of Hungary. He is the author of fifty-nine books, and his novel DANUBIUS DANUBIA is considered one of the best Hungarian novels of the 21st century. Among many honours, a Papal visit followed from the public...

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Stopgap Grace

- Neil McCarthy

“Stopgap Grace is proof that the sublime and absurd sometimes switch jobs. All sacred words get used and every recklessness sanctified. No sooner has night “slid its burlap sack over our heads” than we are given “alibis for something that / never happened.” M...

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Crossing Places

- Nicki Griffin

As with all of Nicki Griffin’s poems a sense of place pervades this collection. Voices carry along rivers, a boat turns on its anchor, gardens flush with roses, borders are crossed. It is full of points of no return, of transformations: buildings that s...

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Courting Katie

- James O'Sullivan

Courting Katie explores tenuous notions of what it means to be Irish. This is a collection about drunken nights, about cranes, outbound flights, and confirmation parties. Situated within a range of pre- and post-Celtic Tiger contexts, it examines social and cu...

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Will You Be My Friend? New & Selected Poems for the Young and the Young at Heart

- Gabriel Fitzmaurice

This ...

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For Crying Out Loud

- Edward Denniston

A revered voice of the South East for many years, Edward Denniston sings forth anew with visionary power and profound honesty. Here in For Crying Out Loud he gives us the youthful taking off of clothes, a sheltering fr...

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