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A Beautiful Pain

- Catherine Barry

Don’t judge me for dying.
Don’t judge me for still being alive.

“There is an urgency to Catherine Barry's work, a determination to take the reader's arm and make the...

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Do Not Touch

- Sandra Ann Winters

“Sandra Ann Winters’ ‘Our Irish Garden’ is a delicious procession of rhyming couplets using an extended garden metaphor…” 
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The Chanter's Reed

- James Ragan

Praise for James Ragan's Poetry

“James Ragan’s poems spare no passion in believing they sing.”
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In the Kingdom of Autumn

- Daniel Thomas Moran

Moran’s is an egalitarian poetry which will attract readers who do not usually read poetry and this is as great an achievement as any high modernist grail.

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Where the Lighthouse Begins

- Timothy Houghton

What lies behind much of the lyric poems in Where the Lighthouse Begins is a motivating sense of loss: in some poems, a dead father, an aging mother, a troubled brother; or, in other poems, a conflict, such as a war. The natural world also plays a major...

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Among the Gliesians

- Philip Fried

In Among the Gliesians, Philip Fried continues experimenting with different registers of language, technical jargon, and a variety of literary and non-literary forms, ranging from sonnet, ballad, acrostic, and villanelle to press release and report. His...

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Keeping Planes in the Air

- Lori Desrosiers

In this thoughtful and nuanced collection, Lori Desrosiers maps that country sometimes called the past, sometimes called memory, into which loved ones have gone or soon will be disappearing. It’s a space limned by nostalgia, which can be beautiful for the tra...

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The Meeting Place

- Dede Cummings

“In The Meeting Place, Dede Cummings exposes some of the more interesting cards in the deck of her life. The results are a series of openhearted, straightforward poems, which are as sensitive to the natural world as th...

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