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All the Money in the World

John Menaghan

ISBN: 1 897648 45 6

Page Count: 96

Publication Date: Thursday, July 01, 1999

Cover Artwork: Brenda Dermody

About this Book

In an array of approaches as varied as its subject matter, All the Money in the World explores love, loss, music, mystery, tensions, terrors, ecstasies, and endings.   By turns lyrical, abstract, anguished, celebratory, humorous and reflective, these poems move between a nuanced appreciation of how things are and an intense longing for how they might be.

Author Biography

John Menaghan, born in New Jersey, has lived in Boston, Berkeley, Vancouver, Syracuse, London, Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Gortahork, and Dingle, & presently makes his home in Venice, CA. Winner of an Academy of American Poets Prize and other awards, he has published poems and articles in various journals and given readings in Ireland, England, France, Hungary, and the U.S. He has also had several short plays produced in Los Angeles. Menaghan teaches at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he also serves as Director of both the Irish Studies and Summer in Ireland programs and runs the LMU Irish Cultural Festival.

Read a sample from this book

Waking to Find You Gone

I peer through morning air.
A book, half-read the night
before, yawns face-up on
the floor, keeps its place
inside the windless room.

Last night you slept in
moonglow, the room a zone
of light around your form.
Not as in this daylight
when the walls glare,
white and worn, but
honey-thick in darkness,
gathered gold.  I scurried
in beside you to be warmed.

Without your body by me,
I'm afraid.  I simply
can't reach out, raise
up the shade or place
one naked foot upon
the floor, cold grey
tile sticking to my
sole, and feel reborn.
Woman at work, missing
midwife, I roll to
your side of the bed
and sleep away my life.
© Copyright John Menaghan, 1999


Menaghan was born in New Jersey to Irish-American parents. He now spends summers in Ireland and lives the rest of the year in Venice, California. Among other awards, he has won an Academy of American Poets Prize. This is Menaghan's first published collection, and as such it marks an auspicious beginning. Menaghan's work is humorous, ironic, erotic, neurotic, and tender both by turns and often simultaneously. In one poem, called simply 'Fire', he describes the passion of two lovers in terms that are sensual and metaphysical in a manner reminiscent of John Donne. 'We brand our flesh forever with each other's fingerprints.' Many of the verses in the first half of the collection dwell on relationships in which there is at least the hope of sexual fulfillment, as when a friend of the poet reveals she is considering becoming a nun. 'I cup your marble hands in mine, and coax you into one more glass of wine.' Here Menaghan's voice rings clearly and truly. Menaghan's verse is quite wonderful.
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