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In Daily Accord
February 2008

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March 2015

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March 2017

The Interior Act

Frank Golden

ISBN: 1 897648 47 2

Page Count: 96

Publication Date: Tuesday, January 01, 1991

Cover Artwork: Brenda Dermody (photography & design)

About this Book

The Interior Act is a movement from terror to a kind of interior place, interspersed with praise, obsession, memory, rant, death, love. Unusual in a poetry collection, Frank Golden explores at length the fracturing actions and memories of an imagined life (JJ) and the fragmented witness of an alter life (Xavier). The landscape of the mind is a central theme in Golden's work and in this gripping collection he negotiates a narrow path through poems and fragments which attempt to declare their truth; be it brutal, glorious, desperate, solacing.

Author Biography

Frank Golden was born in Dublin and has been living in the Burren, County Clare, for almost twenty years. The Interior Act is his first poetry collection. His second, In Daily Accord, a book of haiku, was published by Salmon in 2008. His other books include In Partial Settlement, On Route To Leameneh, and his novel The Two Women Of Aganatz. In recent years he has worked on TV and film projects and has had a number of solo exhibitions of his paintings.

Read a sample from this book

Death the Invisible Accomplishment

i.m. D.F. Golden

From within a cream-ultramarine
     kiosk overlooking Aughinish island,
I saw the water between shore & shore
     churn dark, the sky bleed greyly,
the land winter its mortal green.
     The black mouthpiece like a dark body part
bobbed in the slim chamber
     echoing my mother's whispered words;
The news is bad
     The deep scan of my father's body
had pictured lesions on his stomach wall,
     shoals of growths which devoured
his appetite & fed death's dream.
     My eyes trawled out to sea
through middle currents & uncharted banks
     to seals on the misting rock of Deer island
to boats & the carriage of a wish
     to the tidal sea taking & offering.

On the storm road by the Flaggy Shore
     I walked in witness to your end,
loosening the line linked
      to your migrating self.
On the shores of Loch Muiri
      a swan for each of your years
clustered the terrible blue water,
      their sometimes whirring wings
a chorus to your vanishing.
     Through the pores of soft stone walls
a south wind blew inordinate & warm,
     High over Black Head
a sudden cloudswell broke,
     a page of rain fell seaward
shedding the memory of a life -
     a life inscribed upon a filamental sheet,
decoded to the sea,
     subsumed in the eternal afternoon.

(© Copyright Frank Golden 1999)

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