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Poems of Faith and Doubt

Gabriel Fitzmaurice

ISBN: 978-1-907056-69-7

Page Count: 56

Publication Date: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cover Artwork: Brenda Fitzmaurice

About this Book

with bog paintings by Brenda Fitzmaurice

“The collection affirms, with a fine balance, a margin of hope in a battered but beautiful world.”  Declan Kiberd

“Deeply moving. I bless your Road to Autumn!”  Les Murray


“[T]he best contemporary, traditional, popular poet in English”. Ray Olson, Booklist (US)

“Fitzmaurice is a wonderful poet”. Giles Foden, The Guardian

“One of Ireland’s favourite poets”. Books Ireland

“Gabriel Fitzmaurice’s…ballads…are comparable with Burns’s for their insights and lyricism”.  James J.McAuley, The Irish Times

“Fitzmaurice’s elevation of Moyvane has resonances with Oliver Goldsmith’s Auburn and Patrick Kavanagh’s Shancoduff”.  Brendan Hamill, Fortnight

“Ireland, particularly the South…finds its local bard in Gabriel Fitzmaurice…thereby making such ‘singing’ socially responsible in a way Wordsworth would have endorsed”.  Francis O’Hare, The Honest Ulsterman

“[Fitzmaurice] is poetry’s answer to John B. Keane”.  Fred Johnston, Books Ireland

 “We need poets who can probe reality like this, and Fitzmaurice is doing it in style”.  Gerard Quinn, The Kerryman

 “He has a gift for making the quotidian interesting and investing the ordinary with extraordinary significance”. Gearóid Mac Lochlainn, The Celtic Pen

“Gabriel Fitzmaurice finds truths that speak to us all”. Moyra Donaldson, Figments (Belfast)

Author Biography

Gabriel Fitzmaurice was born, in 1952, in the village of Moyvane, Co. Kerry where he still lives. For over thirty years he taught in the local primary school from which he retired as principal in 2007. He is author of more than forty books, including collections of poetry in English and Irish as well as several collections of verse for children. He has translated extensively from the Irish and has edited a number of anthologies of poetry in English and Irish. He has published two volumes of essays and collections of songs and ballads. A cassette of his poems, The Space Between: New and Selected Poems 1984-1992 is also available. He frequently broadcasts on radio and television on education and the arts.

Read a sample from this book

To My Son As He Leaves Home

Son, just to have you ’round the house is good,
The way you make your presence felt. I’ll miss
The way that being with you was drink and food;
The future beckons, now it’s come to this.
You’re leaving, son, I wish you all the best,
May every good that life can give be yours,
Stand firm, love, when life becomes a test,
Remember that the good you do endures.
You’re leaving, son, take all you need from me,
It’s freely given as it was when you
Needed me, a baby on my knee,
Needed me as to a man you grew.
I love you son, I shed a happy tear
As I let you go in faith and hope and fear.

To My Daughter, Pregnant

She brings me eggs from chickens she has reared,
Cabbages and carrots she has grown,
All the things about her for which I feared
Have come to naught: she’s come into her own.
She brings me eggs from chickens she has reared,
Soon she’ll be a mother. I rejoice.
Daughter, from the moment you appeared,
You gave me songs to sing in joyful voice.
Soon you’ll be a mother and you’ll give
Not eggs just but a grandchild to adore,
Another reason for a man to live
For a grandchild adds its blessings to our store.
Pregnant with the life in which you bloom,
You bless us with the child within your womb.

Copyright © Gabriel Fitzmaurice 2011

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