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To Keep the Light Burning: Reflections in times of loss
November 2008

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June 2005

Unsweet Dreams

Anne Le Marquand Hartigan

ISBN: 978-1-907056-86-4

Page Count: 80

Publication Date: Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Cover Artwork: Anne Le Marquand Hartigan

About this Book

In Anne Le Marquand Hartiganís Unsweet Dreams complex ideas explode like thought-bombs in the simple language of everyday talk. The musicality of the poems owes much to the subtle and complex use of rhythm.  Here are poems on a wide variety of topics, and in a wide range of styles. The mood and attitude varies greatly from one poem to another. Tender, loving, blunt, aggressive, witty, seductive, bitchy, sad, philosophical and joyful, the reflections on love, sex and death are articulated in a womanís voice yet they make a mockery of clichéd notions of gender. This is an important collection by a poet in her prime.  

Dr. Robert Gordon
Professor of Theatre and Performance
Director, Pinter Centre for Performance and Creative Writing
Goldsmiths, University of London

Author Biography

Anne Le Marquand Hartigan is a prize-winning poet, playwright and painter. She trained as a painter at Reading University, England. She returned to Co. Louth, Ireland, in 1962 with her husband Tim Hartigan where they farmed and reared their six children. She now lives in Dublin. She has published six previous collections of poetry: To Keep The Light Burning: Reflections in times of loss (Salmon, 2008); Nourishment (Salmon, 2005); Immortal Sins (Salmon, 1993); the award winning long poem with Anneís drawings, Now is a Moveable Feast (Salmon, 1991); Return Single (Beaver Row Press, 1986); and Long Tongue (Beaver Row Press, 1982). Her prose work includes Clearing The Space: A Why of Writing (Salmon, 1996). Her play Beds was performed at the Damer Hall in 1982 as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival. Hartigan won the Mobil Prize for Playwriting for her play The Secret Game in 1995. In Other Worlds (2003) was commissioned and performed by Ohio University, USA, then performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Jersey Lilies was performed at the Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin 1996, where Anne acted with Robert Gordon in this two hander. La Corbiere was performed at the Project Theatre during the Dublin Theatre Festival 1989, and has since been performed in Beirut 2004 and by Solas Nua Theatre Company in Washington DC July 2006 where it was the pick of the Fringe festival.

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Come little pigeon
Take a message to my love,
Say what I dare not

On your pink leg
Carry my heart.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

What place do your children give you?

They will allow you to trespass on their
green gardens but wait for you to go
because they tell their friends their secrets
Not you.

You are the beginning for them and they want
you behind but left there.  Doing nothing
in particular but not rocking the boat.
Donít do

Anything outrageous until they are middle-aged
then they wonít mind because it will reflect well
to have an interesting foremother.  Basically itís a
No go area

Parents are increasingly obsolete, dumb dinosaurs
Made to be stuffed

Copyright © Anne Le Marquand Hartigan 2011

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