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Further Thoughts in a Garden

Rita Kelly

ISBN: 978-1-908836-26-7

Page Count: 70

Publication Date: Friday, November 01, 2013

Cover Artwork: Jessie Lendennie. Design by Siobhán Hutson.

About this Book

Rita Kelly’s sixth collection of poetry exhibits a marked maturity.  The title of the book echoes Marvell’s ‘Thoughts in a Garden’ with the work winding its way to a paradise, different from Marvell’s, of course, and more of the author's own time.  There is a search for cultural identity in this work as well as reflections upon cultural diversity. Like most of Rita Kelly’s poetry, it is informed by the personal but the political is never far from her thoughts even when she withdraws into happiness.

“Rita Kelly is a love-poet of great lyric power and beauty, but her range is much wider than that.  Her startling capacity to transmute brutal experience into universal significance could hardly be better exemplified.” Máire Mhac an tSaoi 

“A poet who is refreshingly racy and witty.” 
The Sunday Independent  

Literate and ironic…” The Sunday Times

“Full of sympathy and humour.” The Irish Times

“Rita Kelly has poems of many kinds, some to make your heart thump and bring tears to your eyes, powerful poems indeed.”  Books Ireland

“Rita Kelly’s poetry is among the most interesting published in Irish today...her art has an appropriate wordsmithiness.”    Alan Titley

“Rita Kelly’s poetry often touches on themes of brutality and tenderness in relations between family members as well as the range of emotions between lovers ... she writes of the demands of loving and the loss of the beloved. She uses to great effect the resources and the resonances of the elegiac tradition.  She is aware of death’s shadow and she is an elegist of considerable powers.” 
Joseph Heininger

Author Biography

Rita Kelly was born in Galway in 1953.  She has lived most of her life in the south east of Ireland with periods in New York, London and Germany.  Her work has been widely published and translated as well as being placed on university courses in Ireland and abroad.  She has won many awards. Her first literary award was adjudicated and granted by John B. Keane, of which she is very proud.  Most recently she has been awarded a Patrick & Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship. She has had many Arts Council Bursaries.  She holds an MA. Her work is thoughtful, rarely fashionable, sometimes challenging and evocative. 

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