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Children's Drawings of the Universe

George Moore

ISBN: 978-1-910669-15-0

Page Count: 94

Publication Date: Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Cover Artwork: Eric Zimmer

About this Book

Children’s Drawings of the Universe explores the nature of the senses in early experience, the conceptual way children build their world, and their universe. Yet, George Moore’s poetry does not shy from the philosophical questions of Being, time, or what it means to be human in the present age.  In a larger context, the poems range from his experiences in England, northern Europe, and South America, to his trips by motorcycle through the American Southwest.  Moore challenges the given interpretations of the world with a wonder based on the regenerative nature of possibility and imagination. This fifth collection, Children’s Drawings of the Universe, refines his earlier poetic efforts and brings together in one volume the most important poems of his mid-career.    

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