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Witch in the Bushes
January 1988

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Hurting God - Part Essay Part Rhyme
September 2010

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September 2020

Celebrating Rita Ann Higgins' 60th Birthday - Signed, Limited Edition Print

Rita Ann Higgins


Page Count:

Publication Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cover Artwork: David Hill

About this Book

This limited edition print - there are only 60 and each is signed by Rita Ann Higgins - was produced by Salmon Poetry to mark Rita Ann's sixtieth birthday on 26th May, 2015. It features the poem ďMen With Tired HairĒ which was first published in Rita Ann's collection, Witch in the Bushes (Salmon Poetry, 1988 & 1993). The poem "Men with Tired Hair" also appears on a plaque outside Richardsonís Bar, 1 Eyre Square, Galway, Ireland, unveiled during the 2014 Cķirt International Festival of Literature.  

Men With Tired Hair

On a bank holiday Monday in Galway,
you can see old men
sitting on window sills in Prospect Hill.

Time is not a factor here,
only images pleasing and displeasing
to the men with tired hair.

Despite this easiness with life,
there is a waiting, a look out
in anticipation of something.

The looking up and down continues;
the awaited stimulus always comes.

Days itís a young woman.
Streets itís a fire.
Years itís news of a tragedy in far off Dublin.

Copyright © Rita Ann Higgins

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