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September 2002

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July 2009

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The Quiet Jars: New & Selected Poems
February 2013

Planet of the Best Love Songs

Ron Houchin

ISBN: 978-1-910669-64-8

Page Count: 84

Publication Date: Wednesday, February 08, 2017

About this Book

In addition to our singing of the obvious loves of life and each other, there are songs and poems that mark us as particular beings of this planet; beings whose borders and limits are unknown even to ourselves.  We sing of the past, the mountains, the rivers, outer space; many features of our own and other worlds.  We chant about what we cannot understand, and we understand little about the impulse to sing of something other, as if answers to the vast varieties of beauty and wonder will come.  Planet of the Best Love Songs follows that impulse in a world often difficult to understand, but that still invites our love. 

Author Biography

RON HOUCHIN was born in San Diego, California and raised from three years old in Huntington, West Virginia, where his family of coal miners, factory workers, and farmers have always lived. For thirty years he taught composition and literature in a secondary school in southernmost Ohio. He has nine published books, one of short stories and eight of poetry. In addition to Paterson Prize and Pushcart nominations, his work has received an Appalachian award for Book-of-the-Year in poetry and the 2013 Weatherford Award for poetry.  His poems have appeared in a wide variety of journals on both sides of the Atlantic, including The Stinging Fly, the Southwest Review, Poetry Northwest, Poetry Ireland Review, The Galway Review, the Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Devilfish Review, Acorn, Sow's Ear, Five Points, STILL: The Journal, and others. He lives on the Ohio River, across from Huntington, WV, in a haunted house near a former hideout of the Underground Railroad. His first book, Death and the River, was published by Salmon in 1997.

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