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In Daily Accord
February 2008

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If You Tolerate This
March 2022

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The Night Game
March 2015

gotta get a message to you

Frank Golden

ISBN: 978-1-910669-78-5

Page Count: 112

Publication Date: Saturday, March 04, 2017

Cover Artwork: Miserable Object, a painting by Liadin Cooke, 2011

About this Book

The visual arts have long been used by Frank Golden as co-ordinates for the generation of poetic narratives and sequences. gotta get a message to you continues this preoccupation with narrative, in this instance looking at characters at moments of crisis and transition. The book in six sections also looks at territories rent by war, and at the nature of place and habitude.

Praise for Golden

“A challenging, transgressive and gripping read, a chilling portrait of one woman’s personal hell.” 
Declan Burke, The Irish Examiner on The Night Game  

“A disturbing book, compellingly and poetically described by a powerful imagination.” 
Carol Coulter, The Irish Times on The Two Women of Aganatz 

“A satisfying experiment, an anarchic patchwork through which certain threads are patterned. Recommended.” 
Billy Ramsell, Southword on In Daily Accord details.php?ID=55&a=115

Author Biography

Frank Golden is a Clare-based poet, novelist, and visual artist. His last novel The Night Game (Salmon, 2015) was described by the Midwest Review, USA as “a unique story that will linger in the mind long after the novel is finished”. gotta get a message to you is his fifth collection of poetry.  He has received awards and bursaries from The Irish Film Board and the Irish Arts Council.

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