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how do i net thee

Shira Dentz

ISBN: 978-1-910669-72-3

Page Count: 86

Publication Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Cover Artwork: Pepper Luboff

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About this Book

how do I net thee is a diagram of a voice drawn through lyric, visual, and prose poems threading schisms— within a family, within a society brutalized by racial tensions, and within the space crossed in the transition from fertility to its loss.

"how do i net thee asks Shira Dentz in her brilliant new book. Cast across the turbulent sea of language, these poems bring back to us a medley of phrases, voices that capture an ecstatic, coruscating world of trauma, loss & retrieval. Here is 'the Book of Anger in the shape of a dog'; a vagina with 'three white waterfalls'; 'the heel of an echo' that soars 'on falcon wings.' Following in the footsteps of her great precursors, Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein, Adrienne Rich, Dentz’s luminous poems reveal to us 'a woman’s secret language' from 'a mouth inside herself.' Read them!"

L.S. Asekoff

"Language whips around wildly but wisely in Shira Dentz’s latest collection. Seamlessly blending the vernacular with the erudite, she echoes her dynamic phrasings with dynamic typography, and yet what accrues, above all, throughout the book is a sense of her profound engagement with the world. The book is aloft by principle, and alive with it."

Cole Swenson

Author Biography

Shira Dentz is the author of Leaf Weather (Tilt Press, 2009; re-printed by Shearsman, 2011), black seeds on a white dish (Shearsman, 2011), door of thin skins (CavanKerry Press, 2013), FLOUNDERS (Essay Press, 2016), and the sun a blazing zero (forthcoming from Lavender Ink). She is the recipient of awards including an Academy of American Poets’ Prize, The Poetry Society of America’s Lyric Poem and Cecil Hemley Memorial Awards, Electronic Poetry Review’s Discovery Award, and Painted Bride Quarterly’s Poetry Prize. She is the Special Features Editor at Tarpaulin Sky, and lives in upstate New York where she teaches creative writing at RPI. More about her writing can be found at

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