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October 2007

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Open Season on the Moon

Patrick Chapman

ISBN: 978-1-912561-56-8

Page Count: 130

Publication Date: Thursday, March 28, 2019

Cover Artwork: Cover photography and design: Sean Hayes

About this Book

Open Season on the Moon is Patrick Chapman’s most experimental and engaging collection yet. In these pages we meet some of his inspirations – Cronenberg, Lynch, Bowie – on a journey through memory, erotica and death. In poems of arresting beauty and subtle wit, from the sublime to the transgressive, Open Season on the Moon renews the idea of what poetry can be.

“Chapman should be celebrated as one of the most idiosyncratic, strange, disturbing, and imaginative Irish writers now at work.”
– Todd Swift
   reviewing Slow Clocks of Decay, in Eyewear

Author Biography

PATRICK CHAPMAN has published eight poetry collections since 1991, as well as a novel and three volumes of stories. His other works include a short film, television for children, and audio dramas for Doctor Who and Dan Dare. He produced B7’s dramatisation of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles for BBC Radio 4. With Dimitra Xidous he edits The Pickled Body.

Read a sample from this book

The Archivist

Yours is the last generation for whom 
it will be possible to die of old age.

Your children and their offspring – 
let’s not trouble them with this.

I record my note for no posterity, 
nor for the idea of posterity, which

we understand in terms of years
at best. Milton suddenly unspurred –

would he have persisted? That 
is my task. I am putting

everything into the memory
vault so that whatever succeeds us,

though it be unfathomable, 
and our artefacts invulnerable

to its comprehension, it will 
see that something was here

before it. We, whatever
that might mean, were here.

Finney, Welles & Co.

When in heat, ____________s will nest in heat. Last month in Grover’s Mill, NJ, an area couple, making love, found their pillows infested by ____________s, also making love. This was far from the kind of orgy the couple usually hosted in their home. Vigilance

is paramount, particularly in the desert, where cacti are Hilton Hotels for ____________s. Hours after its arrival the carnegia gigantia a family practitioner in Mill Valley, CA, had shipped from a store, began to quiver in his kitchen like it was cold in there. It was

not cold. He phoned the army, who said put a bag on the specimen; your cactus is a Hilton for _________s. As he waited for soldiers to remove the shaking plant, the invasion was announced. From within the body of the cactus, burst a cluster bomb of baby ____________s.

Copyright © Patrick Chapman 2019

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