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The Book of Water
May 2012

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The Language Hospital
December 2016

Zeppelin Vending Machine Manifesto

John Murphy

ISBN: 978-1-912561-26-1

Page Count: 96

Publication Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Cover Artwork: “Girl Sees Art” by Katie Murphy

About this Book

John Murphy's third collection of poems is like very little else on the 21st century poetry landscape. Zeppelin Vending Machine Manifesto is a rewardingly complex book that confronts the hyper-technicity of the early 21st century's devastating information-age assault on language, meaning, and truth. Fearless in form and argument, there are no cosy resting places here, none of the emollients of literary comfort. And if the poems are confrontational and vitally demanding, they are beautifully made and record sensitively, through echoes of his own struggle and self-criticism, the physical and mental depletions of living in radically uncertain times. If, as some have suggested, all of the oxygen has been sucked out of the room by the overwhelming success of recent dead giants of Irish poetry, then Murphy has achieved escape velocity on his own rigorous terms. This is a book that rewards, even demands, a creative response from the reader. Enjoy the riddles, jokes, nods, codes, traps, and paradoxes of its language - this is a singular collection.   

“I welcome the publication of this sophisticated and committed collection of experimental poetry. Its range is wide and the focus on the complexity of language is admirable. A moving and accomplished book.”
Tony Lopez

“Experimental is often a word used juxtaposed with poetry as a way of divorcing that poetry from its purpose. As though an experiment is an indulgence. Here, in John Murphy's Zeppelin Vending Machine Manifesto, we see that notion sunk, for this is a book of exploration, or mindful, playful, dynamic and innovative searching and reflecting. Full of humour and energy and boldness, this isn't a book to be categorised, but read, ingested and admired." 
Steven J Fowler

“John Murphy is a poet who is travelling fast, responding to the age of digital acceleration with creative rage. His work is terrifyingly and brilliantly modernist, the counter-sublime response to our reality that we all need to hear.” 
Michael Hinds

Author Biography

John Murphy’s debut collection, The Book Of Water, was published by Salmon poetry in 2012, and his second collection, The Language Hospital, was published by Salmon in 2016.  He has been three times shortlisted for the Hennessy Cognac/Irish Times writing awards, and has been a finalist in the UK National Poetry Competition. He won the Strokestown International Poetry Prize  in 2015, and won it for a second time in 2016. He is a fellow of both the British Computer Society and the Irish Computer Society, and has worked for most of his life as a computer scientist and academic (IBM, DCU).

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