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Wringing Blood: New & Selected Long Poems
November 2018

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An Unfinished Sufficiency
June 2015

Unportioned: New & Selected Short Poems

Ruth O'Callaghan

ISBN: 978-1-912561-77-3

Page Count: 116

Publication Date: Friday, November 01, 2019

Cover Artwork: Photography: Jessie Lendennie

About this Book

Ruth O’Callaghan’s work is wide-ranging in subject and versatile in form. I particularly enjoy her meditative and humane poems on human relationships.

Connie Bensley 
on Unportioned

These are poems that confront the worst that life has to show and tell us with a dedication to truths most of us never have the courage to face up to. Only a poet, and probably only a woman poet who has looked unflinchingly at the extremes of good and evil and yet retained faith in an ultimate good, could have written them.

Anne Stevenson 
on Vortices

Sharp and compassionate, not in any easy general way, but through an understanding of what confronts us both in nature and our lives, the language beautifully heard, packed and measured.

George Szirtes 
on An Unfinished Sufficiency

Author Biography

Ruth O’Callaghan, a Hawthornden Fellow, international competition adjudicator, interviewer, reviewer, editor, workshop leader and mentor, hosts two poetry venues in London, has compered and read at poetry festivals in the U.K. and abroad and has read extensively in Asia, Europe and the USA, and has collaborated with other disciplines and nationalities including Mongolian women poets (sponsored by Arts Council) which produced a book and CD. Unportioned is her tenth collection of poetry.
She has been awarded residencies in different European countries and at the XXX World Congress of Poets in Taiwan was awarded a gold medal. She has ten full collections and her book of interviews with internationally eminent women poets has been said to be “a very important  contribution to world literary history.” (Professor Clare Brant, University of London.)
Her two poetry venues, whose ethos is to promote poetry’s social dimension, enables both famous and unknown to read together with proceeds contributing monies necessary to support two Cold Weather Shelters for the Homeless – the latter are also encouraged to participate. She endeavours to bring fresh audiences to poetry – especially those who are disadvantaged in some way. She has read to audiences of nearly a thousand in America where she was the only poet and the following day read on a buffalo farm where the buffalo outnumbered the audience. (One has to be flexible to be a poet.) 
She is also the poet for Strandlines, a community, multi-disciplinary project administered by the auspices of Kings College, University of London.  

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