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The Wrong Heroes

Eamon McGuinness

ISBN: 978-1-912561-75-9

Page Count: 66

Publication Date: Sunday, September 19, 2021

Cover Artwork: "Billowing clouds over Skerries" - Oil on Panel by Paul D’Arcy

About this Book

The Wrong Heroes is the powerful debut collection from Dublin writer Eamon McGuinness. Exploring major themes such as illness, personal loss, grief, love and fatherhood, the poems move through various physical and emotional landscapes, from suburban Dublin to Paris, Rome and Spain. The work has a firm international outlook while also examining domestic and intensely private issues. The heroes of the title are alluded to and constantly questioned while the poet's place in the world is interrogated through a series of life events, both big and small, all of which hold significant meaning for the writer – the death of a parent, the killing of a mouse, a neighbour complaining about weeds and sleepless nights with a new-born. The Wrong Heroes is a book of serious intent and marks the arrival of a distinct and mature voice. 

'In this stunning debut, McGuinness' articulation of vulnerability deeply resonates. His shield is lowered as he explores his grief, maturation and renewal; yet the humanity in these poems is piercing.' 
Elizabeth Reapy

‘The narrative ecologies in Eamon McGuinness’s fine debut The Wrong Heroes are cultivated with an honest search for meaning, and a lyric impulse which both eulogises and celebrates the rapidly changing landscapes of selfhood, citizenship, and society.
In these poems, which have at their core a moral integrity to say what is true, a trustworthy voice emerges which transcribes the movements from youth to maturity, from longing to fulfilment, and from grief to precious remembrance.
Local, Irish, and European – Eamon McGuinness’s poetry is deft, and empathetic. Here is a poet who cares. Love one another, the thematic bass-line of this collection goes. And mind yourself. This world, this life, is precious after all. And fleeting too.’
Paul Perry
Author of Gunpowder Valentine: New and Selected Poems

Author Biography

Eamon McGuinness is from Dublin. His poetry has appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, The Irish Times, The Stony Thursday Book, Southword, Cyphers, Eyewear's Best New British and Irish Poets Anthology, and elsewhere. He has been shortlisted for the Strokestown International Poetry Prize and featured on the Poetry Jukebox in Belfast. He is also an award-winning short-story writer and has had work published in The Stinging Fly and The Lonely Crowd. He holds an M.A in Creative Writing from U.C.D. The Wrong Heroes is his debut collection.

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