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Silent Music
February 2011

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The Hidden World of Poetry - Unravelling Celtic Mythology in Contemporary Irish Poetry
October 2013

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The Art of Dying
November 2016

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This Is What Happened
March 2019


Adam Wyeth

ISBN: 978-1-915022-01-1

Page Count: 116

Publication Date: Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Cover Artwork: Black Panther Eyes © Eric Gevaert | Thanks to Noelle Cooper for creating the glyphs demarcating the different sections of the book and for some of the more intricate typesetting inside the book.

About this Book

Keep looking at the outside world until the outside world is no longer outside

‘Wyeth is a poet of ideas exquisitely wrought and swarming, demanding a reader awake to complexity on a subtle scale.’  Ailbhe Darcy

‘Adam Wyeth’s work is fresh and intriguing, alive with imaginative riffs, grave humour and more besides – 
it rewards close attention.’  Derek Mahon

‘Wyeth is a beachcomber on the edge of his own infinities, where fact, legend and anecdote flow together.’  Harry Clifton

about:blank crystallizes Adam Wyeth’s grasp of the theatrical power of language. His creative interweaving of poetry, prose, monologue, drama, and theatricality creatively meets the moment we as a society and artistic community find ourselves in.’  Jesse Weaver, New Work Associate, Abbey Theatre

' ‘Words must be some kind of cybernetic hoax,’ Adam Wyeth writes  in this hallucinatory and shape-shifting collection. Musing on language and relationships, where ‘words are looking through you’, Wyeth conjures a seeking consciousness from the restless ‘blanks’ of our lives, and like W.S. Graham, a modernist romantic, Wyeth makes writing a raison d’être. The diversity and depth of these inquiries into poetic identity, and self-hood are by turn meditative and dramatic. Here’s a book which delights in the ‘drunkenness of things being various’, and fuses connections from the inner and outer lives of its speakers. Imaginatively rhizomatic, about:blank is both a playful and deadly serious manifesto about how language shapes who we are or what we might be.'  Paul Perry

'Wyeth is a remarkable wordsmith with a truly distinctive and unique approach to the craft – in that his words play like firecrackers within their own sound and metaphor scape, truly blending poetic idioms with oblique narrative to produce a highly distinctive and evocative set of worlds unlike any other writer in the field today. about:blank takes readers on an epic journey through a dreamtime text of isolation, love, loss and misspent language that is contemporary Dublin. Written as a circular mixture of narrative-poetry, prose, monologue – the work has also been adapted as an immersive audio journey that is suspended within a binaural stereo soundscape. With the highly regarded and unique talents of actors Olwen Fouéré and Owen Roe this is certain to be a highly memorable, high-profile offering in these times of social isolation.'  Michael Barker-Caven, Artistic Director, Civic Theatre, Dublin

Author Biography

Adam Wyeth is an award-winning and critically acclaimed poet, playwright and essayist with four previous books published with Salmon Poetry. In 2019 he received The Kavanagh Fellowship Award. His debut collection Silent Music (2011) was Highly Commended by the Forward Poetry Prize. In 2013 Salmon published his essays The Hidden World of Poetry: Unravelling Celtic Mythology in Contemporary Irish Poetry, Foreword by Paula Meehan. His second collection The Art of Dying (2016) was an Irish Times Book of the Year. Wyeth’s plays have been performed across Ireland as well as in New York and Berlin. His play This Is What Happened was published by Salmon in 2019. In 2020 he received the Arts Council Ireland Literature Project Award and was selected for the Abbey Theatre Engine Room Development Programme to work on an audio production of about:blank. In 2021 he was a recipient of the Live Music & Performance Scheme for there will be no silence, a new music and text work, in collaboration with Emmy-nominated composer David Downes, performed by pianist Rolf Hind and cellist Adrian Mantu, with actors Aisling O’Sullivan and Owen Roe, produced by Pauline Ashwood. In 2021 Wyeth was selected for artist residencies at the Heinrich Böll Cottage and the Ámeto Mítico Residency along the Camino de Santiago. Wyeth lives in Dublin where he works as a freelance writer and teaches online creative writing correspondence courses at and He is an Associate Artist of the Civic Theatre, Dublin, and works on ideas and research for the RTÉ Poetry Programme.

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